Swanson Neem Leaf 500 mg – 100 Capsules


  • Wound healer: Make a paste out of the neem leaves and dab it on your wounds or insect bites a few times a day till it heals.
  • Goodbye dandruff: Boil a bunch of neem leaves till the water turns green, and allow it to cool. After washing your hair with shampoo, clean it with this water.
  • Eye Trouble: Boil some neem leaves, let the water cool completely and then use it to wash your eyes. This will help any kind of irritation, tiredness or redness.
  • Treat that zit: Grind a few neem leaves, make a paste and apply it daily till the acne dries out. The paste also helps any kind of eruptions, dark spots and chronic ulcers.
  • Ear ailments: Blend some neem leaves and add some honey to it. Use a few drops of this mix to treat any ear boils.
  • Other skin disorders: Turmeric combined with a paste of neem leaves can also be used for itching, eczema, ringworm, and some mild skin diseases.
  • Boost immunity: Crush some neem leaves and take them with a glass of water to increase your immunity.
  • 100 Capsules
  • Made in USA

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Found in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is the intriguing neem tree. It’s the fastest-growing tree in the world and is an evergreen tree from the mahogany family that has many health benefits for the human body. If you want to discover some of the secrets that herbalists have known for ages, neem herbal supplements may be your way in. Each capsule of Swanson Neem Leaf contains 500 mg of neem leaf powder.


Neem Leaf 500 mg *, Other ingredients: Gelatin, rice bran, silica, magnesium stearate.,As a dietary supplement, take one capsule two to three times per day with water.


Follow the usage directions on the label.

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