NusaPure Artichoke Leaves (Cynara Scolymus) 4000mg – 200 Capsules


  • Loaded With Nutrients.
  • May Lower ‘Bad’ LDL Cholesterol and Increase ‘Good’ HDL Cholesterol.
  • May Help Regulate Blood Pressure.
  • May Improve Liver Health.
  • May Improve Digestive Health.
  • May Ease Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • May Help Lower Blood Sugar.
  • May Have Anticancer Effects.
  • 200 Capsules
  • Take 2 capsules daily preferably with a meal
  • Made in USA

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Are you looking for the most complete Vegetarian Artichoke Extract 4000 mg for your body*?: 

  • Extra Strength Artichoke Leaf Extract 4:1 (each mg of extract delivers the equivalence of 4 times the potency)
  • Each serving has 1000 mg of Artichoke extract powder with the equivalence of 4000 mg active ingredients per Serving.
  • Max Supply (200 veggie Capsules & Over 100 Day Supply). Serving is 2 caps.

The artichoke is one of the staples of Mediterranean cuisine and is prized for its delicious taste, but artichoke leaves have also been used as an herbal remedy support for centuries*. Studies have found that the Cynara scolymus plant contains compounds called caffeoylquinic acids that provide a number of health benefits*.Artichoke is known to support healthy weight management, supportingcleansing or detoxifying and for overall wellness support*

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