21st Century Calcium 600 & D3 – 75 Tablets


  • May Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Provides multiple levels of support for strong, healthy bones
  • Involved in proper muscle contraction impulse
  • Supports nerve function and impulses
  • Also contains Vitamin D3 to help support immune health
  • These convenient caplets feature a high-potency combination of bone-healthy calcium and vitamin D3.*
  • Calcium is the primary mineral responsible for bone strength
  • Vitamin D is essential for proper bone mineralization
  • Coated for easy swallowing
  • 75 Tablets
  • For adults, take 1 tablet twice daily preferably with a meal.

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Indications: calcium 600+D plus minerals Provides calcium and vitamin D3 plus extra minerals to help maximize calcium absorption that supports healthy bones, joints and muscles. No added sugar, yeast or preservatives. 21st Century Vitamins and supplements are manufactured in a cGMP facility under the strictest standards for product quality, including potency and purity. 21st Century prides itself on providing you with a great product at the best value.

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Weight 190 g
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